Portfolio - Glenn Jenkins - PHP Developer

These are links to projects of varying sizes that I've experimenting with. The code is version-controlled by git, and they are stored in GitHub, although I'm now moving everything over to GitLab.

The code is written using PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc, and frameworks such as Laravel and Angular.

The projects

  • TickTack is a Ticket-tracking application. It is not a commercial application; it exists to show off my talents!
  • TickTack-NG is an alternative front end to TickTack (above), using AngularJS and the API in TickTack.
  • Tetris: I suddenly had the urge to write this in JavaScript. Then I used it to practice CSS3 animations, RWD and mobile gestures.
  • Scrabble: And then I had the urge to implement Scrabble. Written in Angular 2, and painfully upgraded to Angular 5
  • Codebreaker: This is an Angular 5 application that helps you solve codebreaker puzzles.
  • FizzBuzz is a trivial program to display the output from the FizzBuzzWhizz game.
  • Countdown is designed to solve the Channel 4 Countdown Numbers game.

Bear in mind these are still works in progress, so there may be bugs and features still to add (see issues in Github/GitLab).