Portfolio - Glenn Jenkins - PHP Developer

These are links to projects of varying sizes that I've experimenting with. The code is version-controlled by git, and they are stored in GitHub.

The code is written using PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, etc.

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The projects

  • TickTack is a Ticket-tracking application. It is not a commercial application; it exists to show off my talents!
  • TickTack-NG is an alternative front end to TickTack (above), using AngularJS and the API in TickTack.
  • Tetris: I suddenly had the urge to write this in JavaScript. Then I used it to practice CSS3 animations, RWD and mobile gestures.
  • Scrabble: And then I had the urge to implement Scrabble. Written in Angular 2, and painfully upgraded to Angular 5
  • FizzBuzz is a trivial program to display the output from the FizzBuzzWhizz game.
  • DB Layer is an attempt at a DB abstration layer. As such, there's not much to look at, so I wouldn't bother.
  • Lattice is a data presentation and management framework. It's a bit like a spreadsheet on DB tables. There are several screens:
    • Example 1 is an orders-lines example, where you choose the customer in each order.
    • Example 2 is a customers-orders-lines example (3 level parent-child-grandchild).
    • Example 3 consists of maintenance lattices for people (order pickers) and product items (where order lines referencing each item are displayed).
  • Countdown is designed to solve the Channel 4 Countdown Numbers game.
  • 3D viewer is just a bit of fun. You create cells in 3-dimensional space, and navigate around them. Again, there are a few examples:
    • Example 1 is a simple cube.
    • Example 2 is a surface viewer. You can supply the function (z=f(x,y)).
    • Example 3 is an analogue clock with 3 hands. It ticks while you spin it round.

Bear in mind these are still works in progress, so there may be bugs and features still to add (see issues in Github).